La Chambre

Located in the heart of the city of Strasbourg since 2010, La Chambre – an exhibition and training space for photography, keeps abreast of developments in the medium of photography and looks at how it interacts with other artistic fields. Through exhibitions inside and outside its walls, it promotes French and foreign artists, both emerging and established.

Thanks to its support for personalised projects (artwork production, distribution, residencies, commissions, etc.), La Chambre helps to promote contemporary artistic creation.

Looking, understanding, exchanging, and learning are also the aims of La Chambre’s courses and workshops. It offers a wide range of events for children and adults, amateurs, and professionals alike, in a variety of forms, enabling everyone to discover images at their own pace and according to their own desires.

La Chambre stands for a strong commitment to photography and a range of unique offerings.

La Chambre
4, place d’Austerlitz
F-67000 Strasbourg
Tél. : +33 (0)3 88 36 65 38
Catherine Mueller, Director //

European House of Architecture – Upper Rhine

European House of Architecture – Upper Rhine

The first edition of the Journées de l’architecture festival was organized in Strasbourg in October 2000, on the initiative and under the guidance of the Conseil régional de l’Ordre des architectes d’Alsace (the regional council of the Alsatian Architects). After five successful editions, La Maison européenne de l’architecture – Rhin supérieur (MEA) was created in October 2005 and joined the network of the Houses of Architecture in 2010, as the European and Cross-Border House of Architecture.

The main aim of the MEA is to raise awareness and appreciation of architecture among a wide range of audiences. It aspires to the emergence of a common Rhineland area for architecture, through the perpetuation of all kinds of events revolving around this art form, its issues, its achievements, and its protagonists.

Every autumn, as part of the Journées de l’architecture festival, the MEA organizes some 150 themed events for the public in the Upper Rhine region, a vast area encompassing Alsace in France, Baden-Württemberg in Germany and the cantons of Basel in Switzerland.

Maison européenne de l’architecture – Rhin supérieur
5, rue Hannong
F-67000 Strasbourg
Tél. : +33 (0)3 88 22 56 70
Nathalie Charvet, Responsable et coordinatrice //