La Chambre

Located in the heart of the city of Strasbourg since 2010, La Chambre – exhibition and learning room for photography, accompanies the evolution of the photographic medium and care about its interactions with the other artistic fields. Through six on-site exhibitions within a year, as well as numerous exhibitions beyond its walls, La Chambre promotes French and foreign artists, be they emerging or already established.
Thanks to the support given at customized projects (artwork production, dissemination, host of artist residencies, private and public order…), La Chambre takes part in the contemporary artistic creation.
To see, to understand, to exchange, to learn: these are the vocation of the classes, workshops and training courses provided by La Chambre. Children and adults, enthusiasts and experts shall gather in the occasion of numerous and diversified meetings, where each one can be acquainted with the photographic medium, according to their pace and desires.

La Chambre
4, place d’Austerlitz
F-67000 Strasbourg
Tél. : +33 (0)3 88 36 65 38
Catherine Merckling, Co-directrice //
Paul Turot, Co-directeur //

Executive Board
Christophe Thiebaut – Chairman
Thierry Herry – Vice chair
Jean-Marc Biry – Vice chair
Alexis Saettler – Treasurer
Nadège Moreau – Secretary
Gilles Million – Assessor
Serge Lucquet – Assessor

The Team
Paul Turot – Direction
Catherine Merckling – Direction
Charlotte Wipf – Coordination
Nicolas Bender – Mediation and formation
Lore Apestéguy – Assistant for mediation and formation
Eléna Valdivieso – Reception and mediation
Benjamin Boigelot – Technical management



European House of Architecture – Upper Rhine

The Days of Architecture event was created in October 2000 in Strasbourg, on the initiative and under the lead of the Conseil regional de l’Ordre des architectes d’Alsace (the regional council of the Alsatian Architect’s Association). After five successful editions, the association was created in October 2005 and joined the network of the Houses of Architecture in 2010, as an European and a crossing-border house about architecture.
The European House of Architecture – Upper Rhine addresses a growing number and increasingly diverse audience, with the aim of a better acquaintance and a fair appreciation of architecture. Its aspiration focuses on the emergence of a Rhineland area in terms of architecture, by preserving and perpetuating all kinds of events about this art, its issues, its achievements and its protagonists.
Each year the European House of Architecture – Upper Rhine stages its Days of Architecture festival during autumn: no fewer than 200 events in Alsace, in Baden-Württemberg and in Basel around a precise theme and aimed to the general public. (16 cities, 53 000 visitors in 2012 / 17 cities, 50 000 visitors in 2013)

Maison européenne de l’architecture – Rhin supérieur

5, rue Hannong
F-67000 Strasbourg
Tél. : +33 (0)3 88 22 56 70
Julia Dumay, directrice //

Le bureau

Christian Plisson – Chairman
Virginie Lemée –  First Vice chair, head of the Lower Rhine area
Hinrich Reyelts – Vice chair, head of the North Baden area
Ralf Mika – Vice chair, head of the South Baden area
Jürgen Strolz – Vice chair, head of the Baden area
Jean-Marc Lesage – Vice chair, head of the Upper Rhine area
Claude Denu – General secretary
Julien Schick – Treasurer


Julia Dumay – Direction
Pia Gerznann – Coordination


Archifoto 2019’s partners

Impression panoramique

Impression Panoramique is a partner of Archifoto for the first time in 2017. A specialist of fine art prints in the region, Impression Panoramique makes all kinds of digital prints and offers a wide range of papers, supports and finishes. It is in charge of the production of the winner pictures, for an exhibition in an underground garage of over 1000m2.